Starter Kit

With the Dana api Matic 1000, you can start cheaply with filling.


Fully automatic
and inexpensive

Basic Kit

The combination of a filling machine and a turn table often increases the productivity by 100% and


Compact and fast

Professional Kit

The Swienty filling line can be placed together individually or in modules.


Fully extensible

Swienty Fillingmachines

30 Years Experience - High Quality Filling Machines - Manufactured in Denmark.

Welcome at Swienty...


...the producer of filling machines and filling lines for honey.

For over 30 years Swienty, has been producing filling lines in Denmark.Our objective has always been to make equipment easy to use, reliable and flexible. Our machines are used around the world and we are happy to see that all our customers are satisfied. The international scope of our business has made it crucial for us to design dependable machines with little or no need for repair.

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Our filling program is also flexible. We guarantee that whatever degree of automatisation your bottling operation needs, we have a solution for you within the Swienty filling system.
The unique aspect of our filling system is that you can start with just the bottling machine and then add on as your operation expands. Our system grows with you. As your sales grow, you can expand your filling line to suit your needs and your pocket.

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