Basic Kit

Our Basic Kit satisfies with an increase of productivity of often more than 100 %. It consists of a DANA api MATIC 2000 and an automatic turntable. By the use of this combination, the user does not need to wait in front of the machine anymore. He can concentrate on applying and taking away the jars. With this unit, jars from 10 ml to 10.000 ml can be filled.

Filling station Maxi - 110885
Price on request
Filling machine:
DANA api MATIC 2000
ø1000 aut. turntable
Filling range:
230V/50Hz, (120V/60Hz model on request)
<1% max. +/- 3ml at 750ml

The filling machine and the turntable are combined to one unit that is installed on wheels. This gives you the possibility to move the machine. The turntable consists of a motorised table top of stainless steel and a railing separates the supplying and the collecting section. A photo sensor registers the jars that have to be filled. Microprocessor controlled electronics control the filling flow and the turntable.

The user places the jars in the supplying section and the table transports it automatically to the photo sensor. As soon as the photo sensor registers the jar, the table stops and the filling machine starts. After filling the turntable turns until the next jar is registered. The filled jars are collected in the middle of the table and can be closed with a lid. - Basic Kit
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