New Products

With our DANA api MATIC budget filling station (item 110896), label dispenser (Item 110868) and manual lidfitter (Item 110811), we offer an efficient, reliable and cheap filling solution for smaller companies.

This set-up will not only make your filling operation much less work intensive, it will also pay for itself within a short time due to higher productivity and higher accuracy in the filling process.
Operation is straight forward. Simply place your jars (20g-1000g/plastic-glass) into the feeding section of the table and let the machine automatically fill the jars and collect them in the middle of the table. Then give your jar to the second operator who will take a lid and put it on the jar and screw it on with our manual lidfitter without getting tired from fitting hundrets of lids. Finally, take the jar to our labeldispenser and give it the final finish with straight placed labels on every jar. Even hexagonal jars can be used with this dispenser.

Depending on jar size and number of operators you can fill about 1.000 jars per hour (e.g. small 50g jars) and about 400 x 1LB jars per hour. - New Products
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