Professional Kit

Our automatic filling lines can be aligned to your requirement. They sort, dose and screw on lids, they label up to three labels if you want, print numbers and collect the finished products.

The filling lines are constructed modularly and function asynchronously. This means that you can extend a small filling line (e.g. turntable – conveyer belt – filling machine – turntable) according to your requirements with other machines.

Since there are many possible combinations we recommend contacting us. We will then find the best solution for your product and your requirements together with you.

Filling line - Example
Price: on request
800 glasses/h.
Needed staff:
1-2 (plast/glass)
230V, 1200W
Air pressure:
6-8 bar, 900l/min.
Needed space:
min 15 m2
Length of the line:
Approx. 7m - Professional Kit
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