Up to 30.000 fillings per year

Swienty is known for its small filling solutions for start-up and niche companies. Our customers appreciate the low start-up price and the high performance of our machines.


Kathy’s Cornucopia, England

Mango Chutney with pieces | Filling machine DAM classic for glasses | approx.8t/year

KEN-RAN, Netherland

Miso soup concentrate | Filling machine DAM2000 with fill pipe for plastic bags| approx. 1t/year

Elsom Research Co, USA

Cosmetics | Filling machine DAM2000 for 20ml jars | approx. 2t/year

Culumnatura, Austria

Cosmetics | Filling machine DAM2000 with a hopper for jars | approx. 5t/year

Rådehults bigård, Sweden

Salad dressing | Filling machine DAMclassic and creamer for glass bottles | approx. 4.000L/year

Mieles del Mayab, Mexico

Honey | Filling machine DAM2000 for jars | approx. 5t/year

Antico, Vietnam

Honey | Filling machine DAM2000 for jars | approx. 5t/year

Imkerei Olaf Leybold, Germany

Honey | Filling machine DAM2000 for 500g DIB jars | approx. 20t/year

Restaurant Le Moulin, France

Mustard | Filling machine DAM2000 for jars | approx. 2t/year

Caesar Flores, USA

Chunky Salsa | Filling machine DANA api MANA for jars | approx. 10t/year

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