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    Filling Machines for viscous liquids
    Designed and produced by Swienty in Denmark

    Since 1981 we have produced a wide range of simple, reliable filling machines and automatic solutions for bottling viscous liquids. Our machines can fill almost any volume above 10ml, and in many different kinds of packaging.

    We produce several kinds of filling machines, which can fill with a capacity of up to 700 liters per hour. Additionally, we produce automatic turntables, conveyor belts, lid sorters and lid fitters, which help make the filling process even more effective. Our automatic lines typically fill between 8-14 units per minute, and the most efficient lines as much as 20 units per minute.

    Our machines can be used to fill honey, mustard, jams, cosmetics, paint, glue and many other liquids into almost any packaging and at up to 95ºC.

    With our wide assortment of products we can offer a cheap solution for almost any filler in need of automization. A small company can start with a single filling machine and expand the automization over time, growing sales make it necessary. This is made possible by a modular design, which means that all our machines are meant for expansion. This helps you avoid unnecessary investments in machines unsuited for expansion.

    Our machines require no or very little maintenance and as they are sold globally, we have an excellent and experienced remote support, helping you solve nearly any problem fast, at a low cost and without a visit from a technician.

    Our machines are produced with 90% locally sourced components, which ensures a high quality and very short delivery times.

    We look forward to hearing from you with your requirements.

    You can find more information on our Youtube Channel

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