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    About Swienty

    Swienty has produced filling machines since 1981

    We are located in Sønderborg – a dynamic town near the border between Denmark and Germany. This is where we have our production, administration, our showroom and our storage facilities.

    Swienty World Wide
    We are convinced that our success is due to the enormous experience and expertise , we win by operating both nationally and globally. We pride ourselves on servicing everyone equally, whether located next door or in Nepal. Since 1981, we have sent our products to every corner of the world. This has given us an unsurpassed experience and expertise with export and shipping. Because of this, we can deliver quickly, cheaply and safely to everyone everywhere. We are World Wide.

    Innovation, quality, versatility and usability are keywords for our self-produced products.

    We are originally from the world of beekeeping, where sell not just filling machines, but everything else necessary for professional beekeeping, but our filling machines have always been one of our core competencies and over the past few years seen an increasing demand from other markets than honey.

    Our beekeeping products can be seen on our sister site

    Our DANA Api MATIC product line, which is famous in beekeeping circles and is one of our flagships, is a highly reliable series of filling solutions useful for filling much more than honey. This product range is professional and flexible and makes it possible for you to expand your operation as production needs increase.

    We have always been internationally minded; an outlook that has proven to be an advantage for us as well as our customers. Wr have sent filling lines to nearly any corner of the world, including large setups to Nepal and His Royal Highness, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, and it is an art form to deliver service across such a distance affordably. Because of this, our experienced support team are used to guiding our customers through identifying and solving most problems that arise without an onsite technician visit.

    Our goal is to manufacture setups for your needs, making your filling process more eficient, and becoming a machine partner for your company going forward.

    Best regards,
    Swienty A/S

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