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    DANA api MATIC 2000

    Powerful and accurate machine
    DANA api MATIC 2000+ is our workhorse.

    The machine is very popular with small businesses because it is fast, very reliable and very durable.

    Usable for many liquid products
    The machine can handle a wide range of liquids, from dressing and chili sauce to marmelade and nut creme.

    The standard machine can handle products of up to 40ºC - with Hotfill accessories it can be used at up to 95ºC.

    Usable for many containers
    The machine is well suited for many packaging sizes from 10 ml to 10 liters.

    Makes it easy to vary your production
    The machine stores up to 20 programmes: Set the filling amount, calibrate it for the desired liquid, and the program can be used again the next time you need to fill the same product.

    Easy to expand
    Our machines are made on a modular principle, making it easy to expand your DANA Api MATIC 2000+ with a turntable when your production grows.

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