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    DANA api MATIC 3000

    The filling machine for a larger scale production
    DANA Api MATIC 3000 has a strong AC motor, which secures a high speed without compromising accuracy.

    Many applications
    The machine can handle many packaging sizes and a wide range of liquids, from eggnog and apple puree to aioli and peanutbutter.

    The standard machine can handle products of up to 60ºC - with Hotfill accessories it can be used at up to 95ºC.

    Make the workday easy
    You can get DANA Api MATIC 3000 in a package solution with floor pump, meaning that that tank and filling machine do not need to be on the same level.

    Save time
    If the filling machine is combined with a turntable and lidfitter, 1-2 employees can easily handle the whole filling process in one place.

    Easy to move
    Common for all DANA Api MATIC 3000 solutions is a stand on wheels, so you can place it at the most useful place in your production line.

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