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    DANA api MATIC 1000

    The beginner's model from Swienty
    DANA Api MATIC 1000 is a precise filling machine with gear pump, easy to use and suitable for everything from thinner products like drinking yogurt to high viscosity products like mustard.

    We consider the purchase of a DANA Api MATIC 1000 the best first step you can take towards professionalization.

    With a filling rate of up to 200 liters per hour, you save a lot of time compared to filling by hand.

    Easy Operation
    The machine stores 20 programs with filling parameters, making it easy to keep the filling uniform from one filling to the next.

    Easy to clean
    The computercontrolled antidrip function lets you keep the table surface clean, and every part of the machine which comes into contact with your product is made of food grade material and is dishwasher safe.

    The machine has a high degree of accuracy so you avoid filling to much into your jars or bottles - letting you fill more jars while producing the same amount.

    For most entrepreneurs, space is limited - fortunately, DANA Api MATIC 1000 takes up so little space, that finding space for it on a table is easy.

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