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    With Swienty's wide range of products, we can offer an affordable solution for nearly anyone wishing to automate their filling of viscous liquids. As an example, our filling line is capable of filling and labelling 1200 glasses per hour with just one operator!

    A smaller bottling plant, on the other hand, can start the operation with a single filling machine and expand the automization, as the increase in sales allows it.

    All our machines are built for expansion. This helps you avoid unnecessary investments in machines not capable growing with your needs and makes it easy to expand without having to replace existing machines.

    Got a question? Contact us here!
    Our Starter Kit consists of a Dana api Matic 1000 - our filling machine for beginners. It is fully automatic and cheap, and enables you to start bottling with a low investment. It is accurate, easy to operate and can be programmed for many differnt filling amounts.

    Our Basic Kit is compact and fast. The combination of filling machine and turntable can increase productivity greatly. The kit consists of a Dana api Matic 2000 and an automatic turntable. Using this combination, the user no longer needs to wait in front of the machine and can focus on adding and extracting glasses. With this unit, it is possible to fill in quantities of 10 ml to 10,000 ml.

    If you need both filling and lid fiiting, we recommend our Advanced Kit, also known as a Pro Station. In it, filling and lid fitting is combined with a turn table. This machine is compact, equipped with wheels for easy movement and adjustable to different heights as necessary.

    Our fully automatic filling lines can be adjusted for your exact needs and combined in our Professional Kit. They sort, fill and screw on lids, they label up to three labels if you want, print numbers and collect the finished products.

    The filling lines are constructed modularly and function asynchronously. This means that you can extend a small filling line (e.g. turntable – conveyer belt – filling machine – turntable) according to your requirements with other machines.

    Since there are many possible combinations we recommend contacting us. We will then find the best solution for your product and your requirements together with you.