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    Will the machines work with my product?

    We are happy to test whether your product works with our machines in our test laboratory. Please send us a sample of 5-10 liters of your product (and if you like, packaging and lids), and we will perform a test and send you a video.

    Can the machines do ”hotfill”?

    Yes, at an additional purchase of stainless steel gears and a funnel or temperature resistant hose, you can fill products of up to 90ºC. We even have heating elements, which can be inserted to the funnel to keep your product warm.

    Have you had other customers with a similar product?

    We have sold our machines for many different products, filling many different kinds of packaging, but due to data protection laws we do not post these data here.


    If it doesn't work, am I ”trapped”?

    We have one of the best services in the market, and if we have made a test of your product and judged that our machine works, we will take the machine if it does not work for you. Otherwise it will cost return shipping and pump housing if you change your mind.

    Will I get service?

    We have sold machines across the world for more than 40 years, and are accustomed to giving good remote support and helping you get started with spare parts and guidance. This will save you money and you avoid costly technician visits. In special cases we will collect your machine for service, but this is rarely necessary.

    Do you speak my language?

    We speak Danish, German and English and have employees who speak a little French and Spanish. In other cases, we are good at usingGoogle Translate :-)

    Swienty's Machines

    Which parts get worn?

    Usually, rubber diaphragms and sometimes o-rings are the only parts to get worn or destroyed; otherwise our machines are very robust and do not get worn. All machines include an extra set of spare parts.

    Where can I get spare parts?

    You can buy the most common spare parts from our webshop and many of our retailers carry spare parts as well. The rest are sent from our production facility in Sonderborg, usually the same day as ordered. If you want an express delivery, this is possible as well - to almost any corner of the world.