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    Bottom heater 14 m. incl. mounting

    Item no.  109165

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    Heating cable with thermostat for extractors and tanks.
    Handling honey is much easier at its natural temperature. To help you maintain your honey at an even, warm temperature, we offer this tank heating cable with thermostatic control.
    The heating cable can be mounted under or around any tank or extractor and ensures the maintenance of a warm honey temperature. The cable is fastened with a special aluminum tape. The thermostat controls and regulates the temperature.
    Perfect for extractors, clearing tanks, filters, sumps and other devices that need controlled heat.

    Mounting instructions are included. Aluminium tape for mounting is also included.

    Length: 14 meters. For mounting on items with a diameter over Ø75 cm.

    When purchasing this item together with a tank, we install the bottom heater for you before shipping.