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    DANA api MATIC 1000 incl. tablestand and switch

    Item no.  110041EU

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    The beginner model from Swienty

    The DANA api MATIC 1000 is a filling machine with a gear pump. A strong low voltage DC motor drives the gear pump with the help of a helical gear box. The motor is controlled by computer-based electronics, which also ensures a perfect anti-drip function. The filling machine has 20 filling programs with settings for weight, calibration factor and other filling parameters. The machine works precisely and is easy to program for different substances. As a pump, the machine works both ways and can be set to different speeds. All parts that come into contact with the substance are made from food grade plastic or stainless steel and are easy to take apart and to clean.

    With the table stand, you have the opportunity to easily and quickly adjust the height of your fillingmachine if you are filling jars at different heights.

    The stand is made of strong stainless steel and it has a jar guide in plastic, which you can hold the jar against, so it is centered exactly under the nozzle. The jar guide can also be adjusted back and forth depending on the diameter of your jar.
    You can adjust the stand to 13 different heights at 0.5 cm intervals.
    The stand can be used for jars that has a complete height between 3.5 cm and 23.5 cm. It measures 37 x 32 x 41 cm and weighs 4.6 kg.

    Included fitting:
    110075 Foot pedal
    110059 Counterflow valve
    115815 Dosing syringe 0-60 ml
    500110F Nut for BS fitting 1½"
    110065C Complete cut-off-cross ø20
    110165 1½" / 38mm hose
    110110A 1½" bent BS fitting
    110175 1½" Hoseclamp

    With the machine you recieve an included spare parts set containing:
    2 x 110065D Cross-cut Ø20
    2 x 110072 Black rubber diaphragm
    2 x 500212 Gasket BS 1½
    2 x 502740 Handmountable nuts for pumphead
    2 x 508037 O-ring 37x2 NBR 70
    1 x 508082 O-ring 82x2 NBR 70

    Various nozzles, fittings, 10 liter funnel, floor stand and turntable can be purchased.