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    Filling station PRO with DANA api MATIC 3000

    Item no.  110888B

    DKK 147.890,00
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    Semi-automatic filling station with DANA api MATIC 3000 fillingmachine 

    This filling station has been constructed for an optimized workflow. This fillingstation comes with an integrated liddispenser and lidfitter.  

    With this station you will be able to fill up to 610kg/880LB of honey per hour into containers starting from 10g/0,5oz to indefinite (realistically 1-2kg/2.2-4.4LB - as much as this reinforced table can carry). The filling precision is +/-1g. 

    The attached side surfaces make it possible to put more glasses ready for bottling. One or 2 employees can easily perform the entire filling process in one.  

    At the Apimondia trade fair in Ljubljana, the Swienty lidfitter was awarded a silver medal for its technical innovation. It is very easy to use. You take a filled glass, put the lid on. The handle is pressed down and the lid is screwed onto the glass. The torque can be set between 0-10 nm.  

    The lid dispenser is placed close at hand to make the work process as convenient and efficient as possible.The dispenser can either be filled with the lid while it sits on the ProStation or you can easily lift it off and fill it with lids (Without the use of tools)  

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    Technical data DANA api MATIC 3000 +incl. electric stand
     Type of machine: Computer controlled gear pump
     Filling capacity: 10 g - infinity g (honey)
     Weight unit: ml / g / oz
     Precision: +/- 1g
     Pump capacity: approx. 950 kg/h
     Programs: 20+ options to program
     Power supply: 200 -240VAC 50/60Hz
     Powerconsumption: 1500W
     Sound level: The sound pressure level of the pump is less than 70 dB(A) 
     Weight: approx. 17,5 kg
     Dimensions: 51,5 x 31 x 18,5 cm
    Connections: 2" BS hose connection on both sides of the pump

     Tecnical details: Manual Lidfitter
     Dimensions: 19x24x50 cm
     Jar height: Max 30cm
     Lid dimensions: Max. ø8 cm
     Handle: 34 cm
     Speed: 119 /o min
     Moment: 0,1 Nm - 10 Nm
     Weight 10 kg.
     Power 230V/50Hz

    Total Power consumption for 110888B: 1884W

    Included fitting:
     110075 Foot pedal
     110059 Counterflow valve
     115815 Dosing syringe 0-60 ml
     500110F Nut for BS fitting 1½"
     110065C Complete cut-off-cross ø20
     110056 Legs
     110172 2" / 50mm hose
     110130 1½-2" bent BS fitting
     110176 2" Hoseclamp



    With the machine you recieve an included spare parts set containing:
     2 x 110065D Cross-cut Ø20
     2 x 110072 Black rubber diaphragm
     2 x 500212 Gasket BS 1½
     2 x 502740 Handmountable nuts for pumphead
     2 x 508037 O-ring 37x2 NBR 70
     1 x 508096 O-ring 96x3 NBR 70