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    Fully automated filling station

    Item no.  110910

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    The DANA api MATIC Flexstation is a combined filling machine with two integrated pump heads, lid sorter and lidfitter for filling viscous products such as dressing, sauce, mustard and jam, which must be filled into jars and containers with screw lids.

    A compact filling station that takes up only 335 x 270 cm, including turntables and lid sorter.

    With the two integrated pump heads, you get great flexibility by being able to:

    • Run both pumps in parallel, thus ensuring a high filling volume.

    • Fill two different products in the same container one after the other.

    • Fill with one pump at a time and thus be ready for quick conversion to a new product on the other filling head.

    The flexstation has a capacity of up to 1500 glasses per hour, with a filling accuracy of less than +/- 2 grams per filling.

    The stainless steel design provides a stable construction and ensures easy cleaning. The intuitive operation of the machine provides an easy and quick changeover of both product and container.

    The filling station consists of a sorting turntable and an inbound conveyor belt that takes the empty jars into the machine. Here it is filled and the lid is screwed on, after which the filled jars are taken out of the machine via the outgoing conveyor belt. From here they can be fed directly to a labeling machine or onto the collecting table.

    Included parts: 

    • Flexstation with two filling heads
    • Lid sorting machine
    • Lid shoes and rails for 1 type of lid
    • Turntable for jar sorting
    • Turntable for jar collection

    Additional purchase options: 

    • Labelling machine
    • Spare parts package filling head
    • Gear set for hot-fill (max. temperature 95°C )
    • Hose set internal for hot-fill (max. temperature 95°C )
    • Lid shoes and rails for an extra kind of lid
    • Additional programmes
    • Manifold that collects connections on pump housings for 1 x 2.5”
    • Possibility for bottom filling of jars
    • Special nozzles for bottom filling